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One of the hardest things I think I will ever have to go through, happened to me the weekend of October 2nd! I was at the bank, making the daily deposit for work and getting ready to go to the grocery store, when I heard the most sirens I think I’ve ever heard together before (other than a parade). I immediately called my mom because I knew she was on the road driving and I wanted to make sure they weren’t going towards her because she’d had a wreck or something. They weren’t. This was around 9:30-ish? I think. Then at 9:53 I received a group text from my aunt (because we’ve had this going for a bit because one of my Great Uncles was in the hospital battling COVID) that said, “Mother just called they are up at grandmas. They think she’s had a stroke. They called the ambulance but she refused to go to the hospital.” Mother is my grandma. Grandma is my Great Grandma.

Fast Forward to 4:28pm. “Grandma is worse not responding. Ambulance taking her to omc. I’m going to get daddy and taking him. Mother is with some of the ones up there headed in.” Cue my cousin saying my grandparents needed to go home because they would just have to sit in the parking lot. Yeah, I agreed with him about that!

I’d say around 7:30 or so (the time stamps aren’t showing exactly for some reason) text comes in that says “Grandma has a brain hemorrhage and there is nothing they can do but make her comfortable.” My heart dropped and I think I pretty much instantly broke down. The matriarch of our family, one of my absolute favorite people on this entire planet, was at the end of her life. She had just turned 99 in August and she had always wanted to go sky diving when she turned 100. Not sure her brittle bones could have handled the impact during landing, but it’s what she wanted. A little after that we got an update about our uncle. They were stopping all the paralytic medications and he had opened his eyes and coughed. He was at 60% oxygen and getting better.

My mom called me after she got off work that night and said she was going to the hospital to visit Grannie since they were letting the family in the room due to the circumstances and wanted to know if I wanted to go with her. I did and she showed up at my house right at 11 PM. It was close to 2am when we got home.

Saturday – no updates.

Sunday morning I woke up to my husband saying, “Babe, Your mom called and wants to know if you want to go to the hospital with her.” I got up, got dressed and called her back. Someone had called her and said if we wanted to see Grannie that we would need to come up that day. We got to the hospital around 9am.

A little before 11, a cousin of mine (well, 2nd cousin) got a call. She told my aunt to go outside with her so she could smoke a cigarette. They came back not too long later and my aunt was beside herself. My Grandma was watching their church serman on someone’s phone and my aunt just said, we need everyone in the hall, now. We all got out there and my aunt grabbed the phone from my Grandma and turned it off.

We found out that my uncle, who had been doing so much better on Friday and Saturday, had a massic brain bleed and they were unhooking him from everything because there was nothing they could do.

Like what are the chances? Mother and son – both now at the end stages of their lives, on the same damn day?! My grandpa is the oldest of 8 children. He just turned 81 in June. I’m not sure the ages of the rest of the kids, but I think this might have been his baby brother? MAYBE? He did have a brother pass when I was little. So little I don’t remember him, and vaguely remember going to the cemetary for the funeral.

7:07: Punkin’s Gone

Around 9 (mom and I had gone to Sonic to grab burgers because we hadn’t been able to leave the room or get any substantial food at all that day) I had just eaten the last bite of my food, I looked at Grannie and her chest wasn’t moving. I kinda freaked out, jumped up and alerted everyone. Someone went to get a nurse and she came in and said there was still heart rhythm but it wouldn’t be long now. I think mom sat on one side of Grannie and I was in a chair on the other side. I took her hand and just laid my head on the bed and sat there. A little while later I heard the door open to the room and a nurse came in and said, “Did she pass?” She had, and none of us knew. My aunt was working with her aunt and my grammie on the names of all the kids, grandkids, greats and great greats! With my Grannie having 8 kids, we have a HUGE family! The group text was updated at 9:29 saying nothing more than “Grandma is gone.” No replies from anyone. Of course my mom, aunt and I (all in the group) were in the room.

Like seriously? What were the odds that less than 2 1/2 hours of each other, I would lose 2 people who have always been so close to! Watching someone die is something I never EVER want to have to do again. That was so incredibly hard.

We had a joint family viewing at the funeral home, and a small service for Grannie after they took my uncle to the church for his service. Then later that afternoon we had their double burial at the cemetary right next to each other.

I know it’s super unrealistic, but I thought Grannie was going to live forever! Of course, I know that’s not possible, but that’s just what ran through my head! I knew she was getting old, and while she did have to have help to walk, she was just doing so good. I hadn’t seen her since the beginning of March, thanks to COVID, I just didn’t want to go around her just in case! I called her every week and we’d talk! I called her on her birthday, August 19th and she was doing good.

It’s just been a rough week.

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