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In the top left corner of this page is my menu, and I have a link for my Etsy shop when you click on “Crochet/Vinyl”!

Crochet is one of my absolute favorite things to do! I taught myself by a book called “I taught myself crochet” back in February of 2010. The first thing I ever made was a baby blanket for my niece, who was born on Valentine’s Day of that year. It was a simple single crochet blanket in a pink camo color that came out okay but definitely not great! I forgot to count, and just turned when I thought it needed to be turned and one side totally went up at an angle.

Youtube has become my best friend over the years, and I have learned so much more! I wish I had a full picture of the blanket that I first did, but I’m going to show some of my favorite products below! You’ll be able to click the picture to take you to the listing if you wish to do so!

This has honestly been my most sold item in the past 10 years! The diaper cover pattern is available free from Croby Patterns, however, I wrote the pattern for the hat and have that for sale as well!
I think what I like most about this particular hat is that it can be fully customized! Eyes, mouth, color and horns can be done however you want them to be! Rosalie chose these colors out of my stash when I was doing a rep hunt and it turned out amazing!
Blankets are so much fun to make for me, and they’re so relaxing! This particular style can be done in any color combination you could ever want and takes me approximately 3 weeks from the very first stitch to the final end being woven in!

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